College Planning

Although many clients place education planning as a primary goal, few have any idea how to make it happen. In fact, with costs continuing to rise, saving for college can seem like such an impossible task that some people don’t even try.

Comprehensive college planning is about more than just saving. Like every other aspect of your planning life, college planning is unique to each individual. Success is achieved by knowing your options and determining which best fits you. We help you answer some of the important questions like “How much will college cost?”, “How much should I be saving?” and “Are 529’s the only way to save for college?”.

And when the time comes, we can help you understand the student loan landscape, places to seek scholarships, and other strategies that concerned parents need to know about to achieve this very important goal. Our strategic approach to college planning has helped our clients feel peace of mind that they are doing what they can to get their children the education they deserve.

  • Understand the appropriate tools for saving such as 529 plans and the Roth IRA.

  • Research all available scholarship opportunities to reduce student loans.

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