403(b) Advisory

The 403(b) is the main source of retirement savings for employees of hospitals, school districts, universities, and non-profit organizations.

For most employees, their 403(b) is the largest asset they have. Most plans can provide fund information but not specific investment advice. As a result, the majority of people spend little or no time actively managing this very important piece of their retirement puzzle.

We are one of only a few Registered Investment Advisors in the Rochester area that provide 403(b) Advisory Services while you are an active participant, regardless of where your plan is held. By implementing an active management strategy, we strive to capture the market upside while minimizing your losses during turbulent market periods.

  • Making investment decisions based on emotions can have negative impacts on your 403(b)’s long-term performance

  • Replace your current “Buy and Hope” default strategy with an active management strategy, based on key market indicators

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